Friday, March 1, 2013

IF JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Were Real People, Here's What They Would Look Like

The cartoon Jem was crazed and stupid, but, for whatever reason, it was also enjoyable and I watched it like an addict scarfing down Sugar Smacks while hopped up on cocaine (meaning I was all googly-eyed and feeling pretty good while it was on TV).

And, due to people's longing for their youth, Jem has made kind of a comeback and is now all popular and shit, which leads me to believe that soon, there's going to be a live action version of it and will need to be cast properly to insure that fans of the show don't go ape-shit.

So, without further ado, I give you Jem and the Holograms! (brought to you by Buzzfeed):

Jem (Jerrica Benton) Played by Katy Perry

Kimber Benton Played By Ke$ha

Shana Elmsford Played By Nicki Minaj

Aja Leith Played By Taylor Momsen

Carmen "Raya" Alonso Played By Demi Lovato

And finally...Synergy Played By Lady Gaga

There you go fans of Jem, perfect casting for a movie that will probably be as memorable as Spice World, you know, if it ever gets made.

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