Monday, March 11, 2013

RED WIDOW: "The Consignment" S1E3 (review)

By Steve Belgard
My guess is that although this is only an eight episode series, ABC will soon drop Red Widow because the ratings plummeted from last week’s two hour premiere.

But be that as it may, there’s still The Consignment to talk about…

When we last left off, soccer mom turned widow Marta (Radha Mitchell) has agreed to do some dirty work for crime boss Schiller (Goran Visnjic) since his stolen coke is missing and she doesn’t have the money to replace it.

Marta’s meeting time with Schiller changes, which gives her less time to get the shipment to him. She wonders to her sister Kat (Jaime Ray Newman), how one dresses for a drug deal…probably just leave the Prada stuff at home. Kat tells Marta - one job, one day and she’ll have the rest of her life to be a tour boat captain just like Alan Hale Jr. (actually, she doesn’t…there’s not much humor to this show).

Youngster Boris (Jakob Salvati) doesn’t want to go to a shrink, but yeah, the kid needs some sort of brain adjustment after seeing his father blown away.

Oldest son brings a new ditzy girlfriend to the house, who starts talking inappropriately to Marta about the freaky death of her husband in the driveway. Ah young love…stupid love.

Detective Ramos (Clifton Collins Jr.) and his superior discuss Marta at the urinal. Who doesn’t hold discussions at the urinal? Some of the best meetings in history took place at the urinal…the casting of Vivien Leigh for Gone with the Wind and I believe Kennedy for the Cuban Missile Crisis (which had nothing to do with missiles, if you catch my drift).

Boris is at the shrink…his subconscious remembers stuff, hence the nightmares. The therapist says mom needs to share feelings with the kids, yet she’s got a drug deal to do and her phone keeps ringing. Seems Bob, her port supervisor says Logan (the fired supervisor) knows the deal and wants to blackmail Marta, Bob and Mike for 25K.

The kids want to know why Uncle Mike (Lee Tergesen , coking up) is in the driveway and mom says they have a business deal – like what, they want to know? Marina business - booze cruise, but the kids don’t believe it. Now kids, remember - coke and ineptitude are two things you don’t want when doing a job for the “Big Man.” Gabriel (Sterling Beaumon) tells Natalie (Erin Moriarty, the middle child) that he’s taking off with his ditz girlfriend and to watch the unstable Boris.

Mike and Marta are at the port, and she thinks that everyone there is a Fed. She also took 25K hidden by her husband for the blackmailing Logan…but she doesn’t want to pay him. Meanwhile at Mike’s house, his “friend” Pablo and his associate Christo visit and speak on cell to Mike who asks for a few more days. Pablo says I like your place and your wife and Mike says he’ll get him the money, please leave my wife alone.

Why can’t bad guys just live normal, carefree lives?

Marta thinks there’s a set up with Logan and she’s right, as Ramos is there at the port. They call Bob and tell him of the set up and Bob, not one to stay calm under fire….goes Don Knotts.

Bob needs to get the container out of there as they only have two hours to get the shipment to Schiller. Bob tries to hurry things up. In the middle of all of us, Marta’s annoying mother (with the Maria Ouspenskaya accent) calls…she’s staying with Marta’s sister Kat. Marta asks Kat to see if the kids are alright.

Meanwhile, Kat and her newlywed husband fight over family issues…he doesn’t understand…how can he? Natalie, left alone with Boris, takes him outside and he sees a motorcycle and has flashbacks to his dad…flashbacks of the motorcycle with his dad’s killer - please, under no circumstances do you take this kid to see Easy Rider.

Back at the port, Ramos and the cops are there and Bob is flop sweating. But he does manage to get the shipment on a truck, however, they’re 20 minutes behind schedule. They take off with Bob and follow the truck with the shipment on the freeway. Logan, the informant, is at Ramos’ office – who say’s “we’ve got nothing.” But Ramos’ partner has something to show him that might shed light on the situation.

Gabriel’s girlfriend asks if his family is mobbed up, while Kat keeps calling Gabriel to see how the kids are. We know Natalie and Boris are gone and Kat calls Marta to tell her about her missing kids…as if she needs any more tsuris (it’s Yiddish, look it up) at the moment.

The trio breaks into the truck. Marta calls Natalie and gets Ramos on the other end - the kids are with him…Natalie was scared and has gone to Ramos for help. Ramos wants to know what’s going on. Marta asks Natalie if she said anything to Ramos, who says nothing ma, you never tell me anything. Communication is very important between parents and teens.

Natalie wants to know if mom is in trouble. Nah, it’s all good. Meanwhile, Marta goes in a diner to distract the trucker while Bob and Mike take Schiller’s shipment off the truck. She sexily goes in, pushing up her boobs, but the trucker is manly woman, so Marta buttons up her shirt. Marta sees Mike and Bob in the van and they take off for Schiller.

At the station, Boris tells Natalie that he remembers something about his dad’s killer…his boot had a yellow stripe.

Although late, the trio delivers the shipment. Schiller’s henchman wants to know who Bob is – he only expected her and Mike. Schiller speaks to Marta by phone and then wants to speak to his henchman (an annoying guy who seems more at home on the sitcom Community). As they’re leaving, Schiller’s men kill Bob, and Schiller wants to see Marta at once.

They’re off to see Schiller and Marta’s having flashbacks of her husband and Bob’s shooting. Logan is looking at a photo of Marta that was taken today at the port.

At Schiller’s office, he tells Marta that Bob was a liability and that mistakes were made. Marta retorts that everything that could have gone wrong did, but she fixed it, but you killed Bob anyway. Schiller tells Marta that perhaps she has potential. Marta asks for what? “You said one consignment and then it was over.” But Schiller tells her he needs people who can fix things…someone like you.

She’s got another assignment. She’s working for Schiller and Mike is working for her. In today’s job market, employment is hard to find, so Marta, as a single mom, should be relishing this situation, but she’s not.

Kat tells Marta that she did it and survived, the pragmatic one in the family. The only way for her family to be safe is to disappear.

After a promising start last week, I was pretty disappointed with this episode. But we did learn a few things - being a mom, widow and drug smuggler is no easy task. It’s also important to sit down and talk to your kids - otherwise, they’ll run to the Feds when they get scared. So, don’t forget to hug your kids and remember mom on Mother’s Day.

They are the Walraven’s - goo goo g'joob

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