Monday, March 25, 2013

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Gets Evil...With the Help of the 'Requiem For A Dream' Score

You know how if you happen to add Yakety Sax (from Benny Hill) to any video it automatically becomes hysterical? (Seriously, go on and try it). Well, when add the score from Requiem For A Dream to something, it becomes a creepy tale of horror that will make your blood run cold.

Need an example?

Well, take this nice little ad from Southwest Airlines for instance (see below). It's perfectly sweet, all about finding your path in life and how Southwest Airlines can help get you there. Why, there's even Some Nights by Fun playing in the background to make it all peppy and shit...then someone goes ahead and puts the good ole' score from Requiem in it and now this ad is just plain evil.

So now I'm never flying this airline again...EVEN THOUGH MY MOM'S LIKE SOME SUPERVISOR THERE AND I CAN FLY FOR FREE. 

Yeah, that's right, I'm giving up free air travel because I'm scared.

Thanks so much...jackass.



Source: Uproxx

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