Tuesday, March 26, 2013


By Steve Ahlquist
Since mercy killing his best friend (and sometimes lover) Paul (Adan Canto) last episode, Jacob (Nico Tortorella) has been seeing him in waking dreams.

Now safely in Joe Carroll' (James Purefoy)'s compound, Jacob is acting cool to Emma, who he feels abandoned him, because, well, she did.

Carroll asks Jacob to reconcile with and forgive Emma (Valorie Curry), which Jacob tries to do, but the love lives of psychopaths are difficult, and so Jacob kills the Paul in his head, and tells Emma that she had better watch her back because now that he's finally killed someone, he's developed a taste for it.

Having tracked Joe Carroll's wife, Dr. Claire Matthews (Natalie Zea), to her safehouse, Carroll sends in two right wing militia nutmegs in to retrieve her. Carroll orders Roderick (Warren Kole) to join them, which Roderick at first refuses to do, but Carroll pulls rank, showing himself to be top dog. This rankles Roderick, but he goes along.

The FBI knows the safehouse has been compromised, and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) arrives on the scene to talk to Claire just as Roderick and the militia guys make their move. Hardy gets Claire out alive and gets her off the grid, bringing her to the home of an old friend Tyson (David Zayas). Tyson is Hardy's old FBI partner and he's in witness protection.

Claire pumps Tyson for info about Ryan's past, and Tyson talks about Hardy's belief in a "death curse" (mentioned before, in the episode with Hardy's sister) that keeps him from getting close to anyone because he thinks they will die. After breaking up with Claire, Hardy blew it with his last girlfriend, named Molly (Jennifer Ferrin).

Turns out that Claire has a tracker on her sweater, and that the militia guys are not far behind. Tyson and Hardy mount a reasonable defense, but when offered the chance to be with her son, Claire voluntarily goes with her kidnappers, leaving Hardy with Tyson, who has taken two bullets for his troubles.

Joe Carroll works to bond with his son over s'mores, and the stupid kid is starting to get used to life at the compound. Maybe I'm being too hard on Joey Jr. (Kyle Catlett), but he's seen a lot of weird stuff, and this can't be sitting well with him.Maybe his mother can help him through this.

Another neat plot point: The FBI discovers the secret online recruitment website the Followers use. 

This opens up the possibility of getting an undercover agent in among Carroll's people, a situate that can only lead to terrible consequences, when you think about the nature of the series.

Finally, expecting to see a reunion between Joe Carroll and his estranged wife Claire Matthews, we are instead treated to the startling revelation that Molly, Hardy's old girlfriend, is actually a Follower.

What this means for poor Ryan Hardy is anybody's guess.

He gets a call from Joe Carroll at the end of the episode and simply says, "I quit."

Carroll won't let Hardy quit though, saying, "With every death, you come a little bit more back to life."

Next week, a family reunion, Joe Carroll style.

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