Friday, March 15, 2013

'THE FUZZ' A Black Comedy Puppet Show About Cops, Sex and Jellybeans

I will admit that I have a liking to obscene puppet shows that tread on all that is sweet and safe a'la Sesame Street (Let's just say that I have watched Greg the Bunny more times than is necessary).

And this new "Puppet Drama" from Yahoo Screens, The Fuzz, looks pretty promising, what with all the violence and drug dealing going on (it's kind of a cross between Donnie Brasco and The Muppets Take Meth- which I'm not sure is an actual Muppet movie or a dream I had once while hopped up on NyQuil, whatever).

Here's the breakdown: The Fuzz tells the story of Herbie, a rookie puppet cop, who sets out to prove himself to his fellow human officers by trying to clean up Puppet Town’s criminal Jellybean drug trade. The only way he can stem the jellybean scourge is to stop Rainbow Brown, the dangerous puppet drug dealer, who will stop at nothing to become the most powerful criminal in the city. With only his hapless human partner, Officer Sanchez, on his side, Herbie goes deep into a world filled with evil puppets, jellybean drug deals, puppet racism, and romance.

Sounds good to me.

 The Fuzz will be released this summer (trailer below)

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