Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Report: Airline Book Picks, Hotel Libraries, Ebook Sales & More!

Readin' on a Jet Plane 
Some recommended reads for those long flights.

Chick Lit is Dead, Long Live Farm Lit 
The grown genre known as "Farm Lit" from the Atlantic.

Report's of the Bookstore's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated 
Contrary to popular, small, independent bookstores are not going the way of the dodo.

Microsoft Not Buying Nook 
Turned out it was more of a lie to stir things up than a valid rumor.

German Amazon Workers Set to Strike 
Amazon employees in Germany are set to strike over pay and benefits.

World War Z 
From the author Max Brooks, we hear that all the book and movie have in common is the title.

While it's not what we necessarily need, there's a new social media book site know as Booklikes.

Hotel Libraries 
Hotels that offer quality works of literature from their growing libraries.

Ebook Sales are Up 
Unsurprisingly, ebooks continue to grow in popularity, with sales up 43% from last year.

Ebook Sales at Author Events 

Pomegranate books has come up with new ways to promote ebooks and ebook sales at author events.

Readers Relationships with Books 
The four kinds of relationships readers have with their books.

Digital Paper Notepad 
Sony and E-Ink are working on creating the first digital paper notepad.

Awful Original Titles 
Five books that had awful original titles that were fortunately changed.

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