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HANNIBAL: "Entrée" S1E6 (review)

By Kate McKendry
Entrée begins with Dr. Gideon (Eddie Izzard) tricking guards in his holding cell at the Baltimore State Hospital in order to get out.

While he is with a nurse, he picks his handcuff locks and murders her. 

Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) and Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) arrive at the hospital to review the crime scene.

Dr. Frederick Chilton (Raúl Esparza), the hospital administrator, insists that the crime scene is proof that Gideon is the infamous serial killer the Chesapeake Ripper.

Jack insists he’s still at large and informs Will that Dr. Chilton was a consultant on the Ripper case when they failed to catch him originally.

Throughout the episode, Jack is plagued by flashbacks of FBI trainee, Miriam (Anna Chlumsky). In his first flashback, Miriam is assigned to the Chesapeake Ripper task force.

Dr. Bloom and Will discuss Gideon with Dr. Chilton. Bloom brings up the murder of Gideon’s wife and kids. Will mentions that those murders were impulsive, while the rest of the murders weren’t. In the discussion, Bloom mentions that she would like to interrogate Gideon. Dr. Chilton tells Bloom that it shouldn’t be a problem and that Gideon has an infatuation with her.

Bloom and Will interrogate Gideon, separately. Neither of them seem to believe that Gideon is the Ripper due to the nurse’s body being mutilated after she was dead, while the rest of the victims were mutilated alive.

Jack meets with Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) at his office at night. Dr. Lecter refuses to tell Jack what his wife has been saying about her cancer due to doctor/patient confidentiality. Jack is upset, saying he can’t stop thinking about when she will die. Jack mentions that  he can’t stop dreading the loss of her, as well as the loss of other people - triggering another flashback.

At a crime scene with Miriam, Miriam tells Jack that the victim was impaled while alive and some organs had been removed as trophies. She tells Jack that he’ll spot the Ripper before anyone else – he, in turn, suggests that he will. 

In the lab, Agent Katz (Hettienne Park) states that the nurse’s wounds have no consistency with the wounds of other Ripper victims. Brian Zeller (Aaron Abrams) disagrees, saying the wound pattern is the same. Will says the murder is plagiarism – he see the Ripper in the murder, but doesn’t feel him. Jack questions how it can be a copycat, mentioning that the wounds were never made public.

At home, Jack is woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call. On the other line is Miriam, panicking about not knowing where she is and saying she was wrong.

The next day, Katz tells him that there’s no traceable phone signal. Jack insists that it was Miriam on the phone, that the Ripper called him and played a recording of her of her voice. While everyone questions his mental state, Jack insists it was real.

Bloom and Jack suggest pushing the Ripper to come back into the light by working with Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki). Although he’s hesitant, Will agrees to it. Jack tells Lounds that he wants her to confirm her unconfirmed article of the Ripper, while Bloom tells her that she can get her an interview directly with Gideon.

After meeting with Gideon, Lounds releases her article. We see Dr. Lecter reading the article,his facial expressions strongly indicating his anger.

Jack confronts Gideon about his not being the Chesapeake Ripper. Gideon still claims he is, telling Jack he knows that Jack is there about Miriam. He tells Jack that he killed her. Jack questions Gideon’s willingness to be so forthcoming. Jack asks why he didn’t put her on display like the others, to which Gideon asks, “What makes you think I didn’t?” They’re interrupted by Jack getting a call from home. It’s another panicked call from Miriam.

Jack’s team searches for evidence at Jack’s house. They take fingerprints from the phone and a hair from Jack’s pillow - it’s a long blond hair and Miriam’s fingerprints on the phone. Jack maintains his argument that she’s dead.

Jack has another flashback. In Jack’s office, Miriam and Jack make an agreement for her to go searching through private medical records to try to track down the Ripper, even though it breaks confidentiality laws.

Bloom meets with Gideon again. She asks for Gideon’s trust in order to find out whether or not he was pushed into believing he’s the Ripper. 

Bloom and Dr. Chilton join Dr. Lecter for dinner. Bloom suggests that there are three possibilities with Gideon: he thinks he’s the Ripper, he is the Ripper, or he knows he’s not. Dr. Chilton insists that Gideon is the ripper. Bloom asks if Chilton inadvertently pushed Gideon into believing he’s the Ripper. 

Dr. Lecter asks Dr. Chilton to help him in the kitchen. He asks Chilton about his psychic driving of Gideon, telling him he would be much more understanding of the truth than Dr. Bloom.

Jack receives another call from a disposable phone, traced back to an observatory. Katz, Will, and Jack call the number, hearing the phone’s inside the building.

They find a severed arm holding the phone that called Jack with a note that says “What do you see?”

Jack and Dr. Lecter meet again. Dr. Lecter asks what the benefit would be of the Ripper making Jack believe Miriam was still alive. Jack says a sense of hope. Dr. Lecter tells him to not give up hope on his wife – Jack says he has no control, Dr. Lecter tells him to take control. Dr. Lecter apologizes for what Jack is going through with his wife and with Miriam. Jack admits that he finally let his guard down and actually believed she could be alive. 

Dr. Lecter asks Jack to tell him about Miriam, to which Dr. Lecter has his own flashback.

Miriam arrives at Dr. Lecter’s office, questioning him about a former patient from when he was a medical doctor. Dr. Lecter offers to get his old journals. Miriam looks around the office, discovering a drawing of a mutilated man similar to the victim Jack had taken her to see. Dr. Lecter, having taken his shoes off, comes from behind Miriam and strangles her.

Back in current day, Jack calls her a brave young woman. Dr. Lecter drinks his wine and looks forward, silently.

Entrée delves deeper into the creepiness factor of this show, starting to add a little more suspense to this series. The entire storyline with Miriam, especially with her calling Jack’s phone from beyond the grave, allowed the audience to get a better look at the craziness that is developing amongst Jack’s department ever since Jack reinstated Will as a field agent and enlisted the help of Dr. Lecter.

The way the storyline was written into the episode was cleverly done. At first, the viewer plainly sees that Jack is being haunted with flashbacks of Miriam, which allows for viewers to easily deduce that Jack feels guilty about her death. When he receives the first phone call, you immediately think, “Man, this guy is losing it” - especially since there was no traceable phone signal. Once the second and third calls happen, however, that’s when things are start to get creepy for the character that typically has everything under control.

I no longer believe that any of the episodes are going to go smoothly for Jack’s character. Just as I was beginning to grow concerned with the series, feeling like every episode was going to fall into the same routine of Will having issues with his own psychiatric problems and Dr. Lecter egging those problems on, long-term personal issues finally began happening with other characters. Jack seems to be slowly losing the confident control he commanded with the first few episodes - only a mater of time until he likely cracks.

The mounting storyline of Dr. Lecter being more and more connected to the murders that Jack’s team investigates is getting exciting. Clearly it won’t be discovered that Dr. Lecter is the one that they’re constantly looking for (or else there wouldn’t be a series to continue with), but the reveal of his involvement with not only their present crimes but the past ones, too, is a thrilling addition to the story.

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