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HANNIBAL: "Sorbet" S1E7 (recap)

By Kate McKendry
Sorbet begins with Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) talking to his class about how the Chesapeake Ripper kills in sounders of three.

He refers to the groupings as sounders because sounders are small groups of pigs - how he believes the Ripper sees his victims.

He mentions that the organs were removed with surgical know-how, a distinct feature to look for in their killer. He brings up Miriam while Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) looks on from the hallway.  He mentions how no trace of her had been found unlike the other victims, until the Ripper purposefully left her severed arm to be found.

He tells his class that the Ripper has remained consistently theatrical over the years since he began his killings.

Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) attends an opera and is the first to give a standing ovation.

Another frequent patron of the opera begs Dr. Lecter to throw a dinner party since he hadn’t in a while. While talking with this woman, one of Dr. Lecter’s patients, Franklin (Dan Fogler), introduces his friend Tobias (Demore Barnes) to Dr. Lecter. Tobias tells Dr. Lecter than Franklin’s eyes kept wandering to him during the performance – he tells Tobias to not say too much, to keep something for discussion for the next week.

We see Jack in the morgue, following the sound of a ringing cell phone to one of the lockers. He pulls out the tray with Miriam’s arm, cell phone in hand – it turns out to be a nightmare. Jack sits up in bed, his phone ringing on his nightstand.

On their way a crime scene in the middle of the night, Jack and Will talk about the Ripper. Will tells Jack to not let the Ripper stir him up – Will says Miriam’s arm was left intentionally to poke him with it. He said that if the Ripper were killing again, he would have contacted him directly.

At the crime scene, Zeller (Aaron Abrams) and Katz (Hettienne Park) explain that the victim had had surgery and then sutures were ripped open after. Will has a vision of himself entering the hotel room as the killer. He deduces that signs of a struggle suggest a sudden emergence from a deep sedation. The victim is pushed into a tub. His heart seizes, so the killer cuts open the chest, trying to massage the heart to keep him alive. Will wakes up, calls for Jack. He tells him that the killer was trying to save the victim’s life, unlike something the Ripper would have done.

Zeller and Will argue about whether or not the Ripper killed the man in the bath tub – Zeller says there are too many similarities, Will says there aren’t enough. Will tells Jack that this was a medical student trying to make a buck in a back alley surgery that went bad, not the markings of the Ripper. Sensing his frustration, Will tells Jack that he’s going to catch the Ripper eventually – Jack says he wants to catch him now. 

Franklin meets with Dr. Lecter. He tells Dr. Lecter that they should be friends because they have similar interests – Dr. Lecter tells him he is nothing more than his doctor and a source of stability in his life. 

Dr. Lecter meets with his own psychiatrist, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson),  a similar meeting to the one he had with Franklin.

She tells him he’s not a truthful man, that he’s someone that wears a “person suit” and that he must be lonely.  Dr. Lecter says that he has friends, mentions that they are friendly – she says that he’s just a patient and colleague, not a friend.

Will and Dr. Lecter meet back at Dr. Lecter’s office. Dr. Lecter tells Will that he read the article that Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) wrote about the Ripper– Will says it’s not the same guy. Dr. Lecter suggests that maybe there is more than one Ripper. He suggests that it’s a good diversion for a serial killer that Jack can’t catch. 

Dr. Lecter flashes back to an appointment with Dr. Andrew Caldwell. He asks business card for his records. Back to current, we see the business card in a rolodex. That scene is juxtaposed with Dr. Lecter taking a recipe out of a box.

Conveniently, we see Dr. Caldwell’s car broken down on the side of the road. Dr. Lecter pulls up to him and asks if he needs help. He approaches, menacing music underscoring the scene.

In the morgue, Dr. Caldwell’s corpse sits on a table. Zeller explains the organs that were removed to Will while we simultaneously see scenes of Dr. Lecter preparing organs for dinner.

Zeller continues to argue that the man in the hotel was killed by the Ripper and that Caldwell’s injuries were the same – Will continues to argue that the man in the hotel wasn’t killed by the Ripper. 

Dr. Lecter prepares food with Dr. Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas).

Bringing up Will and the Ripper case, Dr. Bloom tells Dr. Lecter that she doesn’t want any information on Will that she shouldn’t know as a friend. She tells him that she hasn’t profiled the Ripper since she consulted on the case with Miriam. Dr. Bloom points out that Dr. Lecter flirtatiously changes the subject, telling him that Will does with her, too. Dr. Lecter mentions that she had never spoken about Will before he met him – she says it’s probably because she just wants everyone to leave him alone. She tells him its not even about Will, but that Jack’s obsessed with catching the Ripper and that he’s ruining Will to catch him.

In the morgue, Jack looks at the locker that had rung in his dream. He opens it, no arm on the tray. Looking around, he envisions Will’s armless corpse sitting up on the table, staring at him.

Back in Dr. Lecter’s kitchen, we see a montage of Dr. Lecter pulling recipes, business cards, and preparing human organs that he then puts in his freezer.

At the lab, four corpses now sit on tables, all missing different organs. Hearts, kidneys, livers, stomachs, spleens - Will says there are two killers, one being the Ripper. 

Franklin meets with Dr. Lecter again. He tells Dr. Lecter that he saw him shopping for cheese, but didn’t say hi since he was so uncomfortable the last time. Dr. Lecter points out that Franklin cares deeply for Tobias even though he’s not his best friend. He asks if he often worries about being alone. He says he worries about hurting.

Dr. Lecter opens his door, expecting someone in the lobby - no one is there. Disappointed, he closes the door and sits at his desk. He opens his appointment book, and then leaves his desk. 

Will dreams that he’s sitting across from Abigail Hobbs as her father, a dead body on antlers between them. He is awoken by Dr. Lecter coming into the room he’s sitting in, telling him he has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Will doesn’t realize that he’s missed his appointment. He says he must have fallen asleep, and that he needs to stop sleeping all together to avoid. Sitting a table full of crime scene photos, Dr. Lecter says he sees why he has bad dreams.

Will asks Dr. Lecter what he sees in the pictures.

Will explains that the Ripper sees the victims as pests, and their murders are public shaming. Dr. Lecter suggests that he takes their organs away because he feels they don’t deserve him. Will explains the picture of Miriam’s arm and how she’s different because she wasn’t humiliated, but instead used to humiliate Jack. Lecter asks if it worked – Will says it worked really well.

Watching security camera footage, Katz shows Jack an ambulance driving away from an emergency instead of remaining at it. He asks for Will Graham, finding him and Lecter. Saying he has a lead, he asks if Dr. Lecter would like to help catch the Ripper.

At the garage that houses all the ambulances, the manager tells them that the ambulance in the video hadn’t even been signed out – instead, it was logged for repairs by driver Devin Sylvester. Will asks if he wants to be a doctor – the manager says yes. They find that the ambulance is gone. Using the ambulance’s GPS, Katz tracks him down.

They find the ambulance, Sylvester’s hands in the chest of man. He says he can’t show Jack his hands, or else the man will die. Dr. Lecter assesses the situation, saying his kidney was poorly removed. Jack tells him to put his hands behind his head and exit the vehicle while Dr. Lecter stops the bleeding.

Preparing for a dinner party in Dr. Lecter’s kitchen, Will asks why he stopped being a surgeon after saving the man’s life – he says someone died on his watch and that it was one person too many. Will can’t stay in order to work on the Ripper case. Dr. Lecter asks if Jack is devastateded, Will says he imagines he is.

In front of his guests, Dr. Lecter tells his dinner guests that they must be warned that none of the food they are about to consume is vegetarian. Everyone laughs as the party begins and the episode ends.

We’ve all been waiting for it, and Sorbet delivered - we can finally confirm the meat that Hannibal Lecter’s guests are eating is indeed human. While we all know the story of Hannibal, and the way the shots of his food are filmed, anybody could assume that the food everyone was feasting on was actually the organs of the poor victims Jack and Will keep discovering. However, at this point in the series, there hasn’t been any current-day scenes of Hannibal actively pursuing his victims, nor scenes showing him making his plans to kill anyone - until Sorbet.

The fact that we’ve now see him pull business cards and recipe cards to actively pursue the people in his life that he finds appetizing opened a new door for viewers. We can stop assuming that it’s him (even though, let’s be real, everyone knows) - we now all know exactly who killed the victims Jack keeps discovered. It makes the plot feel heavier and more dramatic now that we actually get to witness Hannibal’s dark secret, instead of assuming it.

Mads Mikkelsen has been perfectly cast as the character of Hannibal - the always proper mannerisms and the always calm attitude add to the skin-crawling creepiness of his character. Every episode, darker and more twisted sides to Hannibal are revealed to the audience, all without Mikkelsen changing the way he plays the roll. Sorbet uncovered a new level of his twisted ways - his willingness to assist in the hunt for the Chesapeake Ripper while using a dead FBI trainee to taunt Jack is a sick behavior we had not yet seen in Hannibal. The FBI’s hunt for the Ripper is nothing more than an amusing game for him.

Only a few weeks into the season and we’ve already discovered a lot of darkness to Hannibal - I can’t wait to see what both the viewers and the other characters within the show learn about him by the season finale.

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