Monday, May 20, 2013

HOW TO MAKE Your Own Cake Pan Ukulele...You know, If You're Into That Kind of Stuff

I know, I know, the ukulele has become the Hipster instrument that shows up at coffeehouses and annoys you, but it's not the instrument's fault that a bunch of mustachioed twenty-somethings are trying their hardest to be all Mumford and Sons while you are sitting at a small table trying to de-stress from work.

The ukulele itself is a harmless musical instrument that, when played correctly, gives off a forlorn sound that makes you think of Hawaii or Kentucky (yes, those are the only two states that I happen to feel a kinship to when a ukulele is playing) and can transport you there via it's 4 strings.

And now (thanks to Chester Winowiecki) you can construct your own ukulele from a couple of cake pans, some toothpicks, a piece of lumber and various tools that will no doubt bring you fame and maybe free coffee (if you happen to bring it into the coffee shop) and, quite possibly, show those old-timey wanna-be musicians what real "artisanal" sound actually is.

After the break are a series of pics from the ukulele and a link that will show you how to make it (which you should). Happy Building!'


You can find the building instructions HERE.

Source: Foodiggity

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