Tuesday, May 7, 2013

INDULGE YOUR SUPER-HEROIC Drinking Skills With the Superhero Caped Shot Glass

I am very limited when it comes to talent. Oh sure, I can write a couple of paragraphs packed with hazy wit, but maintaining a job that comes with health benefits? Nope.

Although, there is one particular skill I have that leaves most people who end up at bars at two in the afternoon on a Monday impressed, my ability to kick back a seemingly endless round of shots (a'la Marion Ravenwood-style...you know, the chick from Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Granted, being able to drink unemployed dock workers under a table isn't exactly something to brag about, but perhaps if I did it using a Superhero Caped Shot Glass by Vat 19, it would seem more, I don't know...thrilling somehow.

And, at $7.50 a pop, these bad boys (and one girl) are cheap enough to stock up on (which might help to butter up potential employers should the interview disintegrate into a discussion of my spotty employment record).

See, booze really is helpful.

Source: Incredible Things

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