Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AND NO F*CKS WERE CLEARLY GIVEN ON THIS DAY: How One Lowly Airplane Cargo Loader Expresses His Unwillingness To Embrace His Career Choice

I Award This Day 0 F*cks

We've all had those days when we look up from whatever it is we are required to do at our jobs and wondered aloud, "What the fuck has happened to my life?"

For some of us, this search inside ourselves causes an irreparable rift that changes us as human beings and creates the catalyst that propels us out of the doldrums and onto the path that we were always meant to take, for others we simply turn inward and dull the emotional pain through the copious consumption of Doritos tacos with Red Bull chasers, almost daring our hearts and assholes to explode at the same time.

But then there is the remarkable person who looks upon his life and sees neither an opportunity for change nor resignation. Instead he releases all fucks and simply goes through the motions without the hint of giving a shit.

And to that person, I salute you.

For you have clearly found a balance that delights us all.

A view of this most dedicated-to-no-fucks man after the break.

Source: Gawker

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