Friday, June 14, 2013

LUNCHABLES Commercial Goes Hardcore

Now With More Gangsta Rap

Everybody knows junior high school is fraught with Shakespearean-like backstabbing, political maneuvering and enough peer pressure that would sink the most noble of men.

And apparently, at this particular school of middle learning (in the mash-up commercial below), doing the lunch announcements is akin to Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address and, if done improperly, will cause one will live in shame, thus not making it "Prime Time" (to use the vernacular that the advertisers believe kids quote on a regular basis).

Of course, in my opinion, it doesn't get more Prime Time than a white kid blaring NWA's Fuck the Police while impressionable young people are snacking on the food offerings of their parents.

But perhaps I'm out of loop.

Source: Obvious Winner

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