Monday, June 24, 2013

TRUE BLOOD: "The Sun" S6E2 (review)

By Caitlyn Thompson
This episode had a sort of war theme. Everyone is gearing up to run or fight.

Governor Burrell has been prepping for a vampire war and he’s going to be merciless when the fight begins.  Tension is rising fast in Bon Temps.

I was tricked last week so let me clear up a couple of things. 

First – nope, Rutger Hauer isn’t Warlow, he’s Sookie and Jason’s “fucking fairy grandfather” Niall. Whoops!

He’s still awesome even as a good guy though. He informs Jason and Sookie that they’re royal fairies– because sure this story line couldn’t get any sillier/stupider. Oh and the Stackhouse bloodline can shoot balls of light that’ll kill vampires. No joke. But Sookie being a half-ling can only shoot her light-ball once, then she won’t be fae anymore.

I wonder where this will go? Wait. No I don’t. It’s too annoying.

And quick side note – Sookie: STOP hanging out with handsome strangers and inviting them into your home.

Dudes of Bon Temps, native or visiting, STAY AWAY FROM SOOKIE. But of course without a new pretty someone obsessing over blondie, we wouldn’t have a complete True Blood season, now would we?

Second trick – no, Bill isn’t possessed by naked blood ladies. He can just feel vampire pain, goes catatonic, and chats with Lillith.

I can’t decide if Billith is interesting, really stupid, or terrifying – contorting and draining a human by opening your mouth? EEK. Super freaky! But that moment is there solely to shock and produce “what?! eeew”  from viewers. Nothing to do with the mission Lillith bestows upon Bill: save all vampires!

Quick shots of the episode: Nora, Pam and Tara are sitting tight trying to deal with the shortage of True Blood. Scowling or reassuring depending on who’s back is turned. Arlene is sassy and busy at work. Andy is running around with four fairy tots. Lafayette and Emma are adorable in dress up. And Eric Northman – how do you make even dorky whooping-crane-talk look so hot?

The vampires are scared in season six. It’s new and curious. Where last year every scene was more ridiculous than the last with religious talk and races to drink fancy blood, this season is presenting tangible fear from the vampires. It’s enticing to see such powerful creatures so threatened. They’re in an unsafe time.

Governor Burrell has declared war on vampires and is revealing all of his glorious prep work: silver bullets that emit UV light, contact lenses that guard against glamouring. Yikes. Mean man. He’s already proclaimed that vampires have no rights in Louisiana and things are getting violent very quickly.

I’m intrigued by the presentation of this supernatural civil rights war but the insertion of an eager young activist felt contrived. It has only been a day since Sam lost Luna and not only is he pressured to “come out” but Pack Master Alcide comes a-huffin’ with his were-pals. They take screaming Emma away. Poor Sam cannot catch a break.

There was a great moment in this episode that reignited a non-sarcastic emotion in me. It’s been a while since this show has produced one. When Jessica prayed for her friends it felt so genuine and sweet. She was human again and so scared.

It was really great hearing her voiceover prayer as we saw all of her friends in turmoil. It was a heartfelt moment and I hope for more.

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