Monday, July 1, 2013

MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY: Watch an Incredibly High George Clinton Lead Parliament-Funkadelic in a 13-Minute Fan-Frakking-Tastic Odyssey of Pure Mind Blowing Soul

Well, it's a few days before people celebrate another year of being Americans by eating grilled food and blowing their faces off with illegal fireworks so I thought it might be nice to kick off this short week with a true American original, George Clinton, who, by the way, introduced a whole lotta white kids in my family to the kind of funk and soul that made your chest burst.

Now, this offering to the Funk Gods is not so much a video as it is a live performance where a VERY high Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelics freak out in a totally awesome and sublime way (oh, and George is sporting a rather interesting hairstyle that I can't help but think inspired Mr. T).

So load up the video, turn the volume all the way up to 11 and kick off your week with a BANG! 

You're gonna thank me.

Source: Dangerous Minds

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