Saturday, July 20, 2013


I first became aware of Dan Hipp through his comic, The Amazing Joy Buzzards, which was a wonderful (albeit too brief) series of adventures of a crime fighting rock 'n roll band.  Most recently, Mr. Hipp has been working as the art director for the Teen Titans GO! animated series.

But thankfully, Mr. Hipp still does his own thing.  And right now, that own thing is Toxi, a custom vinyl and art print brought to life via CS Moore Studio’s Mondo-chi line.

“TOX” is a Comic-Con exclusive limited edition of 199 pieces, and comes with a collector’s designer box and print signed by Mr. Hipp. You can order one at The CS Moore Studio website, or pick one up at booth #2800 during San Diego Comic-Con International.  

Dan Hipp will be signing today, July 20, from Noon-3pm.

Check out Dan's artwork HERE!

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