Monday, August 12, 2013

AND IN CRAZY FLORIDA NEWS: Apparently 1400 People A Year Are Arrested For Impersonating An Officer In Florida...No Word Yet On Whether Any Of Them Have Been Offered A Spot In Their Local Precinct

Perhaps it's unfair to judge an entire state based upon a few, let's say crazy, incidents. But when that amount of crazy starts piling up (like the whole face-eating zombie guy, The George Zimmerman verdict, or the time former Florida Governor Charlie Crist accidentally sent a thank you note to a gentlemen who gave him an anti-Jewish documentary called Jud Suss saying "...he [Crist] would be delighted to share the DVD with the people of Florida" -Sun Sentinel) you have to start to wonder if it might be better to run a fire line around the penis portion of America, light a match and then simply walk away, letting it burn to the ground.

Sure, there are other states that have a lot of crazy, but Florida gets the blue ribbon when it comes to the high-stakes nutjobs.

For instance, Florida seems to have a high incident rate of people impersonating police officers (some 1400 a year are arrested but it appears there are many more who aren't).

In one case, earlier this month, a man named Yordis Aguero Fornaris tried to pull over his neighbor's car using nothing but his own vehicle and some strobe lights (he was unsuccessful...probably because IT WAS HIS NEIGHBORS).

Fornaris was arrested and booked on an Impersonating a Police Officer charge with a bond set at $5150 (which, ironically is police code for "Crazy Person On the Loose").

So, yeah about 1400 people get arrested a year pretending to be cops in how should Florida deal with the problem?

An April Fool's joke on the PoliceOne website has an idea I'm pretty sure could get some traction if the Floridian political bigwigs read it.

[from the website] "I know from experience that there are plenty of calls for service which don’t need much more law enforcement know-how than your average police impostor can’t handle.

Take two drunks fighting outside a bar, for instance. We don’t need an actual police officer getting in the way of that mess. Send a local-yokel wannabe and let him get all beat up. Hell, he can just stand there and watch until EMS arrives". 

Yep, I will not a bit surprised if this actually becomes a Florida initiative, considering the bang-up job they are already doing down there.

Source: Bay News 9

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