Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Report: Amazon Goes To War, YA Novels For Adults, Danielle Steel Gets Questioned & More!

Are You Still a Brain Surgeon? 
Why Danielle Steel still gets asked by men if she's doing that writing thing still?

Does President Obama Hate Indie Bookstores? 
Obama pays a visit to an Amazon warehouse and earns the ire of the indies.

Words of Radiance Cover 
Brandon Sanderson's second book in the Stormlight Archive series now has a cover. The release date has also been pushed back.

Kingkiller Chronicle TV Adaptation 
Patrick Rothfuss' bestselling Kingkiller Chronicle series is set to be adapted into a TV series.

Amazon Wages War Against Everyone 
It's not just the publishing industry Amazon is coming after.

Amazon Sells Porn Ebooks, with a But 
Amazon gladly sells popular erotica ebooks but is doing its best to hide it.

What are Your Book Dealbreakers? 
What makes you quit when reading a book?

Rowling Donates Royalties 
After being outed as the author of The Cuckoo's Calling, J. K. Rowling has announced she will be donating all royalties to The Soldier's Charity.

25 YA Books for Adults Who Don't Read YA 
You say you don't ready young adult, but you kind of want, well, here are some picks for you.

Little Brother Scavenger Hunt 
A Little Brother themed scavenger hunt is coming to San Francisco.

Stephen King's Family Business 
Writing runs in the family when it comes to the King family, and this is how it breaks down with them.

Members-Only Bookstore 
Could the possible dream becoming a reality?

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