Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DEXTER: "Make Your Own Kind of Music" S8E9 (review)

By Caitlyn Thompson
With only three episodes left, tonight’s installment of Dexter did a good job in setting up the story lines that will propel the series to its conclusion.

Small potatoes first:

Jaime and Angel are wishful and a bit sad over their respective desires.

Jaime wants Quinn to fully commit to her, Angel wants Deb to come back to the force. Too bad those two only want each other. SMOOCH.

Can an episode go by where Elway doesn’t storm into Deb’s office, huff at her about Miami Metro, and then strut away in an adorable colorful suit? I do love you Sean Patrick, Boondock Saints is glorious, but the character of Elway is such a nuisance. I have a feeling he’s going to die at some point and I wish I could care more.

Vince and Niki got a quick screen shot. Their purpose has not been revealed yet this season. Will Niki discover something about Dexter? I hope her raison d'etre is for more than nude shots and to poke fun at Wiccans.

Bigger fish:

Hannah and Dexter profess their love and plan to escape to Argentina.

In the meantime, Hannah is at Deb’s laying low…in a skintight neon pink dress (faaabulous but not really stealthy).

And speaking of stealth, Vogel’s son Daniel might have chosen a better name than the super obvious British-sounding, Oliver Saxon.

And let’s be honest. As soon as we knew Zack didn’t murder Cassie, we knew it was her boyfriend.

I wanted more deception here.

Even if we knew it was true, I wanted to be kept on the hook a bit longer in suspense.

Think back to Rudy/Brian Moser—we knew it was him, but we didn’t know.

It’s lazy storytelling craft to propel plot solely with backstory instead of allowing the story to unfold organically in the present.

The insertion of those expository monologues jar story progression and break the program’s fluidity. It makes watching the show a disjointed experience because a lot of information is being added yet the actual story progression is incredibly slow. 

I’m intrigued at this point, but still a little disappointed in the execution…no pun intended.

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