Tuesday, August 6, 2013

THE ADULT BIG WHEEL Is Here! And This Time Your Mom Can't Tell You When Playtime Is Over

Whenever you see a kid tooling around on a Big Wheel the only look present upon their cherub face is pure, undiluted joy. It's as if that hunk of plastic carved into a low-rider, pedal toy is loaded with Sugar Smack dust that wafts into the nose holes of children every time the big wheel goes around. It's the kind of high that is seldom seen in the adult world.

And, it almost makes this grown-up jealous.

But thank Jeebus that the folks from High Roller USA decided to create a version for adults so that we too can experience real happiness while pumping our arthritic knees up and down in order to make the bike go.

And just in case you think we're talking about an all-plastic Big Wheel that was simply made for tall kids, here's some specs:

Heavy Duty Steel Frame and Fork supports over 275 lbs
Molded 14 inch Plastic Rear Wheels for power slides
26 inch Front Wheel and Custom Freewheel Hub for high speed coasting
Super Wide Rubber Front Tire for superior traction
Fully Adjustable padded seat accommodates 5'2" to 6'6"

And yeah, it does come with a bell and tassels and a $600 price tag.

So next time you see the neighborhood kids sitting on their own Big Wheel rides, taking shots from a sippy cup and looking pretty happy, bring out your own version.

I'm pretty sure you will have no trouble impressing them (although their parents might get a little worried).

Source: Uncrate

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