Thursday, August 29, 2013

THE BRIDGE: "Vendetta" S1E8 (review)

By Matt 'Quori' Armstrong
Skeezer Ray-Ray has his guns, but Tim (his Tampa Bay partner in crime) is having none of moving the product through the tunnel and over the border.

He chills out by the pool while Ray-Ray does the work. Ray is less than pleased, and makes some sexual suggestions for Tim that perhaps Tim might not be into.

He gets the product over the border and gets paid by Graciela. When he comes back through the tunnel, Ms Charlotte is waiting quite angrily for Ray-Ray. She knows that he and Tim are up to some trouble. She tells him to stop and get Tim out of there entirely, claiming she wants to be legit, seems a bit too late for that Charlotte!

Meanwhile, Graciela’s men find transmitters in the guns because: well, Tim is a total sell out…and just a hunch, this won’t work out too well for Ray-Ray, Tim, Charlotte, and probably a few horses.

Steven Linder finds himself with a beautiful half naked woman and a glass of milk. He’s drinking his white gold and having sex with this woman only to intermittently see Fausto maniacally laughing at him.

He wakes up in cold sweats. So would we all Steven…so would we all. He’s clearly shaken, and he sort of angrily quits his job. Not sure where this is going to lead, but who isn’t along for a creepy creeper ride with Mr. Steven “Coyote” Linder?!!? AMIRITE!?

Ruiz bonds a bit with his son, and later Mrs. Ruiz is at a posh work event with her new boss/co-worker/lover. Hmm, she has about as much remorse for her actions as….ok, she has ZERO remorse clearly. Gus sends Cross some chocolates, because he likes her. Cross is not really having any of it. Gus, dude, you should have seen this rejection coming a few thousand miles away. The scene is actually nice though, and they do share a small moment and a laugh.

We also get a weird interstitial of Frye partying it up across the border at a strip club from 6 years prior – It’s just odd but it must have some meaning beyond introducing us to his wealthy party pal Santi Jr. Good news is the present day Frye is and alive after his seizure ordeal, so he has that going for him.

Psycho Childress is in custody, and he is still a psycho. Cross clearly doesn’t think he is the culprit, but Wade is convinced and wants to have a victory cigarette even though he quit smoking. Cross continues to question Childress as to why he claims his items are always stolen. She figures out that an FBI Agent stole some of Childress’ notebooks, was a partner of Gedman, and a patient of Meadows. Ruiz asks why this is important and Cross gives him the same look that I gave the television….DAFUQ?!? Marco Ruiz you are a terrible detective! One man has a direct connection to 3 of the victims/suspects in the case and you don’t think that’s suspicious in any way?!? I mean COME ON!!!

David Tate is this guy’s name, and Ruiz knows him, AND he’s dead.

Wade and Cooper look into a body in the ground at Childress’ place, everyone say hello to Kenneth Hastings.

Ok, well maybe he’s dead. Apparently Tate’s wife and son were killed in a car accident. He turned to drugs, the FBI let him go. He blew his head off in Juarez. His ID was done only via a driver’s license found on his person and he was cremated. It’s not exactly a solid “open & shut” case.

Cross has her usual gut instinct logic/reason mojo going full force to which Cooper opens his yap and says, “Come on boss [Lt. Wade]! There has to be a limit to how much we indulge our village-idiot-savant [Cross] here!” Ruiz just shakes his head. Yeah dude we feel ya on this one. Cooper my friend…that was probably the dumbest thing you could have said. All we really needed was someone slapping Cooper upside the head and the scene would have been perfect.

Cross continues to investigate Hastings and Ruiz sees the picture on her screen telling her to give up on Tate. She replies that she is looking into Hastings, he counters that the photo is of Tate.

Uh-Oh. And just to make things more confusing…the photo on the current driver’s license is of Mrs. Ruiz’s co-worker/lover. Double Uh-Oh!

Cut to lover boy Hastings aka David Tate and Mrs. Ruiz getting ready to leave the posh party they were at…and Hastings runs into Santi Jr. (also an attendee) in the bathroom. Now we get why we saw the cut scene from 6 years ago. Santi Jr was the cause of the accident that killed Tate’s family. Clearly Santi Jr. is a big ol’ 1%er douche bag.

Hastings slices his throat and leaves his own bloody palm print on the mirror as well as the signature calling card for each of his killings – a single bead.

Ruiz and Cross come to the scene and find all the clues they have come to suspect.

Tate is not hiding his identity whatsoever now. The bead on the body is familiar to Ruiz, realizing it’s from his former lover – Tate’s deceased wife! TRIPLE UH OH! He projectile vomits and Cross’ only concern appears to be that he’s contaminating the scene. I hope he didn’t get that on your blouse Cross. Getting vomit off of your leather shoes is no real challenge…but man does it stain cotton/poly blends something fierce.

Piecing this episode together…Tate’s wife and Marco Ruiz had an affair back before she and Tate’s son were killed. In fact, they were still having an affair when she was killed! The beads that the serial killer (Tate) had been leaving on his victims were to a necklace belonging to the late Mrs. Tate. Just a speculation on my part, I bet Ruiz gave her that necklace. Tate faked his death, killed Hastings and assumed his identity, and went on some elaborately planned killing spree to exact some sort of vengeance on Ruiz. He has a plan for Marco Ruiz and it involves Mrs. Ruiz in some way that is clear. This is not going to end well for Mrs. Ruiz and her unborn child methinks.

I have to say, most episodes have been fairly slow in providing information and have given a ton of character exposition and development. This one really bucked the trend here. Fast paced, ton of weighty info, and moved the story along at Mach speed. Clearly we are in a sprint to the finish line of season 1.

The good, bad, and what to watch for…

The good: Ruiz’s corrupt jack-hole police captain insulting Lt. Wade in Spanish only to realize that Wade speaks Spanish fluently – SIMPLY AWESOME.

The bad: Not enough Frye this week, but some is better than none. At least we got to see PARTY FRYE even if it was from 6 years in the past.

The what to watch for: Ray-Ray and Graciela are headed for some sort of reckoning, I’m going to guess she doesn’t deal well with being double crossed. How Ms. Charlotte will be effected by it remains to be seen, but I’m skerrid for her horses.

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