Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Turn Your OBSESSION With FACEBOOK Into A PSYCHOSIS with Fliike, A Gadget That Will Always Let You Know How Many Likes Your Cat Pictures Are Getting...Every Minute of the Day

I know several people for whom Facebook is their own personal popularity contest. Be it the over sharing, the HUNDREDS of baby and/or cat pictures or merely posting "Bad Day :( " in order to garner sympathy from people they haven't physically spoke to for ten years, these are the people who are in desperate need for a product that will kick up their obsession with status updates into the mentally unstable territory.

And lucky for them the Fliike, by Smiirl is available.

Basically, it is a counter which reflects how many people "Like" you by flipping over automated numbers a'la Lost (are we still allowed to make Lost references? How many years off the air is too long? I'm still making Head of the Class comments so perhaps I'm not the best judge of this) after it's been connected to Wi-Fi and then synced to your Facebook account.

Granted, it's purpose is really for businesses to keep track of traffic for their FB page, but let's not pigeonhole this invention, I had one of my friends get up in the middle of THE AVENGERS to go outside the theater to check whether or not people liked a meme she posted, so I'm guessing this would be a good gift that would keep her away from me for long stretches of time so as I don't have to deal with her.

The cost of being unable to leave your home because you can't stop watching the numbers flip over is around $400 ($390, to be exact).

But I suspect that is a pittance to those people who are still upset that only 3 people bothered to "Like" their status update concerning their pap smear.


Source: Uncrate

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