Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ROBOT BATTLE DROIDS PS4 AND XBOX ONE Battle It Out For Dominance In This Animated Showdown

Last Friday I was forbidden from setting foot outside my home for fear I would miss the arrival of the PS4 (which I assumed was coming in a gilded package judging by how important it was for my husband that I STAND BY THE FRONT DOOR AND WAIT FOR IT). I did so only because it was cold outside, not because I listened to the man that I pledged my life and love to in a public ceremony.

And yes, the PS4 did appear at the house and as a result, I have yet to see my hubby lift his ass off the couch, so I guess you could say that in our living room, the PS4 certainly beats the Xbox One.

But in this animated tale of....oh hell, just watch it and then you can apparently vote for whatever console you like the best. I'm done being the butt monkey for game consoles.

Video after the break.

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