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SKLAR BROTHERS Launch New Crackle Web-Series HELD UP!

Thanks to the evolution of entertainment, there’s no such thing as a good idea going to waste.

In 2008, Gene Hong developed Held Up as a pilot for Comedy Central. When the network passed, Sony approached Hong about the concept being used as a series for Crackle, at which point the Sklar Brothers (who had starred in the pilot) took over as writers/producers.

The series is the story of how a bored bank teller’s life is changing dramatically when two teams of off-beat robbers – disguised as Rocky I, Rocky II, Batman, and Robin – hold up his branch. The main characters are held hostage for the entire series and fall victim to the comedic version of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Held Up stars Kaitlin Olson, Cyrus Farmer, Jon Dore, and Randy and Jason Sklar.

Check out the trailer via Entertainment Weekly after the jump!

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Held Up launches September 7th on Crackle.

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