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Emilio Garcia – and the Jumping Brains!

How did the art toy thing start, for you?

Well, I think it’s a logic evolution. I start collecting toys about Manga and Comic Books several years ago, looking for the perfect sculpture/figurative representation of my fav characters. Of course, the best ones are made of vinyl or resin, and these materials are addictive. So I developed love for the great sculptures made of these delicious chemicals you know?

This fact take me straight to the designer toys.

Tell us a bit about the Jumping Brain project – where did the original idea come from?

I created the Jumping Brain back from the wild side of Berlin. The territorial manipulation makes me think about the potential of the brain to generate ideas to survive. There are many different histories about good ideas that people used to jump over Berlin wall in the past, and some are really funny histories in spite of the sadness of all together! Use your brain to jump or die!

They’re cross-breeding with Qee – is this safe?

Well, seems to be a big YES! Don’t know what my creations have that it make it very hard to reproduce. Usually all factories have technical problems to make accurate reproductions of my works. Hey guys, I’m making this at home without money and/or machines you know! So this time, TOY2R is doing a big effort to bring 500 perfect 8″ Brain Qee’s to collectors, with awesome packaging, and it will be very soon! I saw some factory samples and trust me, they are getting great results!

You’ve had some awesome artists do customs for you – which one’s your fave?

Definitely like Tokyoplastic Jumping Brain so far. I’m a BIG fan of his work several years ago and I collect his toys since the first Red Geixa. So it’s a very big pleasure to work with him. As always, he done awesome job designing his own custom Jumping Brain, I can advance you that now we are moving forward our collaboration, and hope to get it produced very soon!

What about the minis? Have they caught on?

Oh man, there are thousands minis all over the world thanks TOY2R! I greatly appreciate the hard work they done with minis. You can find all colors and flavours, customs, chase versions, halfsies, glow in the dark brains… With keychain attachment or not, zombies are bubbling with joy !!!

Have you got any shows or new projects coming up that you can share with us?

Sure, now I can’t stop this train. But you know, at The Secret Lapo Laboratories all is secret, muohahaha !!! But, I can recommend you the best way to get the latest scope about what I’m cooking up over here. Get your iPhone and download the LapoLab. Official app or keep and eye at . Next show (Red Carpet) start this week in Hollywood at Toy Art Gallery and I’ll have some pieces until December (Street Anatomy) at the International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago.

Where can we get our hands on Jumping Brains?

You can get Jumping Brains in Art Toys Stores and Art Galleries around the world. So, if you like to catch a genuine resin Jumping Brain hand made at The Secret Lapo Laboratories you must be fast and patient, so they usually jump in a few. Because of there are many collectors looking for these pieces, but also there are psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, and many other scientists involved on brain stuff… Good luck!

Thank you to Emilio Garcia, the man with jumping brain, for the interview!

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