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If you are one of the countless techno-freaks that spend a bazillion dollars on the newest craze only to try and find a way to retro it down to look as if it were made in the 70s, then I think I have found the product for you.

Introducing Headcase’s Etch-a-Sketch iPad protective sleeve:

Made of hard plastic and officially licenced by Ohio Art (the makers of Etch-a-Sketch), this sleeve not only will have you flashing back to 1976 (okay, so it actually came out in the 50s but so what) it even has the movable white knobs to make it look as if you are actually using a game to check your email.

The sleeve retails for $39 bucks and you can order it here.

While I am totally crushing on this, I can’t help but wish that someone in the protective case industry would create a sleeve for the iPhone that looks like the original Gameboy with the buttons and everything.

Now that would be truly epic.

source: TechEBlog

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