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HAPPY 25TH B-DAY SUPER MARIOS BROS. Thanks For Making Me So Awesome For the Last Quarter Century.

On this day in 1985, the world’s favorite plumber was given his own game and from that moment on, my love affair with the husky, overall-wearing, video game God was born.

To say that Mario made me a real gamer is too easy, what Mario did, was make me a truly epic Geek who lived for her NES the way some people live for the return of the McRib.

How many valuable hours of my life have I wasted playing the Super Mario Bros. oeuvre?

So many that if I actually counted, I would probably go into a severe depression and want to kill myself because if I had concentrated on something other than Mario, I would probably making some real coin instead of head butting it.

Because of my deep feelings for this game, I cannot express my love for Mario in words, so I turn to song to do it for me:

Happy Birthday you Italian stereotype…I love you.

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