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How THE EVENT plans to keep momentum

Now that mystery series The Event drew nearly 11 million viewers in its Monday premiere, how can NBC keep building up the show that dares to be the next Lost in serial dramas rather than FlashForward or the clinging-to-life V?
NBC will re-air the pilot episode Saturday night, and there’s also a plan to show the pilot again on the West Coast after Sunday Night Football.
NBC’s entertainment president Angela Bromstad tells The Hollywood Reporter that the show is “still in launch mode” as it continues heavy marketing.
Bromstad also says The Event hopes to keep viewers by not loading on too many frustrating mysteries too soon. “We want to have the show to be a thriller where you’re getting answers that resolve mysteries in each episode, that keep up a level of tension rather without being frustrating,” Bromstad said.
The Event drew nearly 11 million viewers in its Monday premiere despite going up against ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and the solid block of CBS sitcoms. The only Monday-night loser appears to be Fox’s Lone Star, which got about 4 million viewers and stands on the brink of cancellation.
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