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Look, sometimes toys for kids are occasionally created that have a somewhat sexual nature to them even if that was never the intention…I mean, who could ever forget the Oozinator or the Wolverine Bop Hammer that you blow up by placing your mouth on the Clawed One’s protruding member?

I don’t always blame the toy manufacturer for these slip ups, and, when they learn that they accidentally created a vibrator for young children (the Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broomstick) for example, they pull the offending toy off the market quickly.

So that is why when a product created for children looks like this:

I start to think that someone in the design department really hates their company.

There’s absolutely no way that ANYONE thought this pillow was anything other than a sex doll. I mean what kind of pillow has an open mouth on it that isn’t created specifically for a penis to slide into?

But what I love best about this product is the tag line: Turn Your Pillow Into The Biggest Toy Ever.

Really guys? Isn’t that taking it a bit far?


And just to make things interesting, below are just a few of my favorite children’s toys that are pervy enough to make you feel uncomfortable but still have far more dignity than the Superman Body Pillow:

Mr. Bucket

Loving Licks Puppies

Baby Wee-Wee

And, of course, The Classic Oozinator


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