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There is nothing that I like more than taking something so incredibly girly (like a My Little Pony doll) and butching it up a bit.

And this incredible adaptation of Masculine femininity is so freaking bitchin’ that I am beside myself with wonder and jealousy.

Created by deviantArtist, Fenrienne, this pony comes complete with a scraggly beard and dangling cigarette all for your Metal Gear Solid loving pleasure…did I mention how awesome the faux-hawk is?

Let’s hope this thing makes it into the marketplace and soon,because I have a significant bother who just popped a boner over it and I can’t think of any better way to say, “I tolerate you” more than with a pony dressed up like Solid Snake.

Unless of course it’s downloading the following video and putting it on a loop for him (NSFW)

source: Great White Snark

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