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WHO’S UP FOR SOME DELICIOUS PISS? Why Not Try a New Whiskey Made From the Urine of Type 2 Diabetics.

Look, I’m all for trying new things and living life to the fullest, but the closest I’ve ever come to drinking bodily fluids from a bottle is the time I mistakenly tipped back a can filled with my brothers regurgitated chewing tobacco that he accidentally put in front of me.

Needless to say, I projectile vomited all over the living room and my brother laughed hysterically.

So let’s just say I’m not in the mood to drink Grandpa’s pee anytime soon.

But that hasn’t stopped James Gilpin from distilling it.

Here’s a little excerpt from an interview he gave about the golden colored whiskey he serves his guests:

“…I don’t have the benefit of aging my whisky for 100 years in a barrel but I do have the benefit of my candidates having lived in some cases 90 years of a very full life which adds a great amount of depth to the flavor. …My nan [grandmother] hasn’t produced a very good bottle but she would have never forgiven me if I hadn’t included it.”

ooohhhh, yummy!

Basically his choice of using diabetic pee comes down to the sugar content in the urine which gets purified and then the remaining sugars are then fermented making a nice hardy whiskey that NO ONE ON THE PLANET WOULD EVER DRINK!

Of course, if you are looking for a way out of either a bad relationship or a friendship that drains your soul dry, you could always pair the whiskey with a nice flan made out of spunk.

Yeah, that would probably kill the relationship nicely.

source: that’s nerdalicious (thanks Sarah!)

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