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Yesterday, Crackle launched their latest venture, the Anime Overdrive Collection with the US premiere of the reboot of the classic ‘60s anime series, Humanoid Monster Bem. Each Monday the site will launch a new anime series or film culminating on Dec 27th with the US premiere of Animax’s first HD original, LaMB.   Although this campaign is ending at the end of the year, there will be several new anime titles to the collection in 2011 and beyond.

So check back every Monday to watch another great anime series and get ready for LaMB in December.

After the jump, find out what series are coming to Anime Overdrive.

Humanoid Monster Bem – October 18
When evil creatures from around the world gather together in an enormous Eastern harbor city to feed on the chaos of the port, factories, graveyards and slums, three humanoid monsters – Bem, Bela and Belo – team up to foil their plans. Bem and his friends normally look human but can transform into horrifying monsters with superpowers when they fight against the evil creatures that populate their city.

Macross (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross) – October 25
Ten years after an alien ship crashes on South Atalia Island, it is reconstructed and renamed the SDF-1 Macross.  An alien race, the Zentraedi come to Earth, beginning the UN Spacy/Zentraedi war that would change the history of both races forever.

Robotech the Shadow Chronicles – November 1
In the year 2044 AD, the human race has reached out to the stars through the miracle of ROBOTECHNOLOGY, but not without bringing intergalactic war upon the Earth itself.

Air Master -November 8
A former gymnast, Aikawa Maki has turned her skills to street fighting. The only thing that truly makes her feel alive is violence. With power and grace she fights opponents, demonstrating the talent that earns her her nom de guerre, “Air master”.

Slam Dunk – November 15
Outcast hothead Hanamichi Sakuragi joins the Shohoku High School basketball team to impress a girl, only to discover that he’s a naturally gifted athlete who, with his teammates, make Shohuku High an all-star contender in Japan.

Fist of the North Star – November 22
The oceans have dried up, the land scorched, and it appears as though all life has gone extinct. However, humanity had survived these harsh conditions, only to relapse into society where violence dominates. In this world of mayhem, a drifter in possession of a lethal fighting style known as the Divine Fist of the North Star wanders through the arid desert. He is Kenshiro, and on his chest he bears 7 wounds as he treks through the wastelands to rescue his lover Yuria who has been kidnapped by Shin, his former friend.

Digimon Adventure 02 – November 29
Three years after the adventure of Tai and his friends, a new enemy Digimon Kaiser appears in the Digital World and he is out to control all Digimon.

Pretty Cure – December 6
Two unsuspecting girls become Defenders of the Light and battle the forces of evil.

Galaxy Express 999 – December 13
In a distant future, Tetsuro is a human boy who wants his body replaced with a robotic one. This is possible, but to do so he has to reach the Immortal Planet onboard the space train Galaxy Express 999. Maetel, a beautiful and mysterious blonde woman dressed in Russian style, joins him in the long journey through space. Every episode sees our heroes arriving in a new planet’s space train station.

Captain Harlock – December 20
The year is 2977. Mankind has become complacent and stagnant. All work is done by machines, while humans spend all their time on entertainment. But when a mysterious invader from the stars catches Earth unawares, only the legendary space pirate Captain Harlock and the crew of the Arcadia have the will to stand against them.

LaMB – December 27
The inhabitants of a harsh desert planet called Cerra have perfected a system of imprisonment without walls. Called “Lamination”, those convicted of serious crimes are placed in a suit to ensure criminals are productive. But if not free, the criminals become members of society in a system of virtual slavery. They are hence called LaMBs

These will join the titles previously on the site.

Samuari X
The story of a peaceful wanderer named Kenshin who roams the Japanese countryside offering protection to those in need, as atonement for the murders he once committed as an assassin.

Unable to remember the past, high school senior Saya Otonashi must rediscover her destiny in order to defeat the chiropteran vampires that threaten her loved ones’ existence.

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