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No More Nightmares

October the first – Autumn has settled in London, crisp and clear, and the stores are choc-full (literally) of Hallowe’en and Christmas goodies. It’s reached that time of year again and there are some things that circulate back into our awareness with a wondrous regularity.

Pumpkins, skeletons, small kids in crazy costumes – and a fridge full of sweeties to give the little buggers when they show up on the doorstep. Oh – and the bucket of iced water for when they won’t go away.

And, of course, never-dated and always with us, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas – the greatest Hallowe’en tale since Peanuts did The Great Pumkpin.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Chair

Just right for sitting in your front garden with a whisk(e)y or two – and waiting until those candy-stuffed kids reach you (or feasibly ‘get within range’) this Director-style chair enables you to feel just like Tim Burton. This one features Jack Skellington’s name on the back of the chair and an image of the Pumpkin King on the seat.

Supply your own candy/ammunition.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Bathrobe

Soft red fleece, warm hood, all-over design of Jack’s face… if you think your garden is going to be a mite chilly on October 30th, you may want to wrap this over your clothes.

On the other hand, if you don’t want your neighbours to stare too much, it might be advisable to wear it when you get out of the bath…

Nightmare Before Christmas ‘Miracle’ Jack

He’s more than 17” tall and comes with twelve interchangeable heads, each one featuring an expression of Jack’s from the film. Plus articulated armature – just so can place him a variety of different poses and moods. Add this to your Director’s chair and you can make your own Nightmare movie.

Or something like that!

Nightmare Before Christmas ‘Miracle’ Oogie Boogie

Likewise from Medicom Toy – where you Jack be with his arch-Nemesis? At two feet in height (yes, he’s bloody huge), Oogie features an articulated armature for posability, plus mouth and eyebrow movement.

Turns your movie into a masterpiece!

Nightmare Before Christmas Kubricks

These guys come in three sets – Jack and Sally, Jack and Zero, Pumpkin King and Hanging Tree. They’re blister packed and perfect for desktops, party ornamentation and scene setting for your developing YouTube hit. They’re also perfect gifts for kids who’ve had far too much candy already.

Nightmare Before Christmas Stationary

Pens and pencils, pencil cases, folders, notebooks, erasers. Ideal for storyboarding, schoolwork, showing off your geek cool or getting teenage daughters to think you understand them…

..and ensuring that you have no Nightmares before your Christmas.

Oh all right, cheap shot. But tell me I’m wrong!

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