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Wash Your Balls! Casino Overrun with Pussy!

“America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between”
 –Oscar Wilde

Viewers of AMC’s hit series Mad Men got a slick, sexy preview of the newest temple to decadence to litter the Las Vegas skyline: The Cosmopolitan.

The 60 second commercial opens with bass-heavy beat of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club‘s “Spread Your Love,” and fades up with images of a Roman-style food orgy that quickly diverts to a collection of bondage & discipline images of pants-less waiters and bellhops being used like furniture by attractive hipsters.

Then the unthinkable happens…

(video after the jump)

Two elevator door reveal a most unexpected cargo: two dozen kittens!

I had to watch this spot a few times before the message hit me, but by then I was also analyzing the other visuals that had passed me unnoticed.

It’s an easy metaphor: kittens = pussy; ha-ha, clever.

But their arrival seems to stop the decadent partying. When has a little pussy ever stopped the party?!

As the commercial continued, it dawned on me. This was one of those metaphors within a metaphor. Kinda like a dream-within-dream; Inception style!

The revelers kick the kittens out of the suite, along with baby chicks, fawn and other furry toddlers, before returning to their over-the-top antics. It appears that the real message is that this is an adults only casino! After the family-friendly face-lift that Vegas has undergone over the last twenty years, this German-backed money-pit wants to bring back the sixties. Well kudos to them. There’s nothing more depressing then watching teary-eyed moppets clutching their teddy bears while mom and dad, desperate and bloodshot, gamble away their futures.

While that advertisement has more than just the surface going for it, there have also been a host of salacious Axe Detailer spots that espouse the virtue of Washing Your Balls.

I respect that marketers have come up with a way to speak to adults in ways that net nannies can’t overtly oppose, and I applaud the station managers for allowing these ads to air, but it’s such a thinly veiled message that any kid above the age of 8 is going to know what Jaime Pressly is really saying when she remarks that “…clean balls are more fun to play with.”
So the whole double-entendre is really just a single entendre.

But hopefully it will open the door for more creative marketing. These are extremely popular commercials, and ad agencies have probably been bombarded for similar ideas by other clients. I just hope that it doesn’t immediately head south right out the gate, because overly risque ads get banned by conservative media watchdogs, and let’s face it: a little cleverness is better than none.

And speaking of dogs… since it’s Halloween, I want to pay my respects to the greatest pet-costume of the season:

None other than a dog dressed like everybody’s favorite autotuned psuedo-celebrity, Antoine Dodson. (Thanks, BuzzFeed!)

Can you believe this get-up placed 5th?

What won first prize –a hermaphroditic Lady Gaga poodle?

My apologies. I guess I went for the obvious there…

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