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Forces of Geek is Looking For Writers, Editors, Reviewers, Oh My!

Forces of Geek is always looking for talented and creative writers to join the site in various capacities.

There are several positions that we’re currently looking to fill.

Columnist: A commitment to produce one scheduled column every other week that focuses on a particular area, theme or genre of geek/pop culture.   Send a pitch describing your vision for a column and we can take it from there and fine-tune it to meet both of our sensibilities.

Editor: Do you spend hours surfing the web, looking at sites and telling your friends news before they hear it, or just tweet links all day long?  If the answer is “yes”, you might be a good fit for an editorial position where you report news on a specific area. Each article would most likely be two or three paragraphs.  Several articles are expected throughout the day and requires an actual love/knowledge of the subject.

Reviewer:  Reviews are always welcome/encouraged.  Subjects include comics, books, movies, dvds, music, video games, etc.  Write intelligent, thought provoking reviews and we’ll all be happy.  Review what you find interesting, frustrating or captivating.

Guest Feature Article: A new concept for the site.  Pitch an article and go off and write it.  It can be a one time piece or semi-regular, but more focused in a particular subject matter than a regular column.  Requires a pitch outlining the concept and focus of the piece.  Articles should be approximately 1500-2000 words.

FOG! Your Blog!  If you are currently blogging and not getting the audience that you want, consider applying to FOG! Your Blog!  Essentially, you bring your blog over to FOG!, agree to the site’s guidelines and broaden your audience.  You will also get an ad on the front page which will directly link to your blog within the FOG! site.  Your site must focus on pop/geek culture and your blog will essentially discontinue at it’s current address and be absorbed into the Forces of Geek site.  Further details can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Submission Details

Columnist:  Send one or more pitches along (up to a paragraph each) with 2-3 writing samples.  Once pitch is approved, a sample column will be required (and can be used as first column if you join the site).

Editor: To start, send 2-3 writing samples and state what area of geek culture interests you to report on regularly (categories are still being determined, but we’re definitely looking for film, comics, television, music, books, video games, etc).

Reviewer:  Please send a sample review of approximately 500 words.  Be sure to be personable, insightful, clever and indicitive of both your taste and personality.

Guest Feature Article: Submit a 150-200 word pitch describing your article.  Also include 2-3 samples.  They don’t have to be feature articles, just examples that you think capture your individual style and tone.  If you have written an article previously and would like to submit it for consideration, please send details of what it was originally written for and if it appeared elsewhere online or in print.

FOG! Your Blog!:  Send your current URL and an explanation why your think your blog would be a good fit with Forces of Geek.

If you have an interest in conducting interviews, please get in touch with me concerning the interviewee and we can discuss the viability of the subject and/or interview.

Unfortunately, Forces of Geek is unable to pay you monetarily at this time.  What the site does offer, is exposure and hopefully that in itself can lead to more paying opportunities for you.

For submissions or inquiries, click HERE.

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