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Back To Work Blues?

My son said to me this morning that he missed the Christmas decorations, and please could we put them back up?  Trying to explain the traditions of the twelve days of Christmas to a child of six always sounds good – but never quite has the right effect.

I had to settle for ‘I’m sorry, not until next year’.

But my Cub has a point – the January blues come to us all. The weather’s crap, the work seems to pile up, the trains are heaving with cold-ridden workers each one as grumpy as the last…

In cold grim face of the January Blues, there’s nothing like toys to cheer up a sulky six year old. And, (yes you know it), there’s nothing like toys to cheer up his equally grumpy forty-something Mum.

So, here are some back-to-work goodies that are full of instant win…

Art Toy Ticket Holder

Bus or train, season or Oyster – however much the fare may have gone up, you can still give yourself a smile every morning as you load yourself into the cattletruck.

With gorgeous designs by a choice selection of vinyl artists, these are perfect for bringing a dash of colour to your commute!

Comic Book Mug

For that first cup of coffee – you need a new mug for the New Year. And how better to start the morning than with Spidey kicking the snot out of four (count ‘em) of the best-known bad guys?

It’s the ideal thing to take to that early-doors meeting!

Tron x Daft Punk Kubricks

Medicom pays tribute to the talented musical duo, Daft Punk, who produced the soundtrack to Disney’s Tron: Legacy, with this set of two 100% Kubrick figures of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter dressed in their Tron-inspired costumes!

TokiDoki Phone Dangler: The Frenzies

Choose from 22 of TokiDoki’s best know characters to accessorise your phone.
The Frenzies series includes favourites from the Moofia, Cactus Friends and ‘Til Death Do Us Part – plus there are some new forms and faces.

Ideal – if you feel like a bit of a Bastardino when you answer the phone…

Cthulhu Bobblehead

Nothing sums up that back-to-work mood like The Great Cthulhu. And here he is – from the sunken city of R’lyeh straight to your desktop, this 8” head-bobbler is a way to give a colleague an absolutely perfect – and absolutely wordless – answer.

Ka-Pow Headphones

These aren’t new, but your mood may well be. Perfect for stopping people talking to you and ensuring that you never have to answer the phone. Put on some NIN, and you’re in the perfect office mood!

  • Driver Unit 40 mm Power Drivers
  • Frequency Range 20 Hz~20001 Hz
  • Impedance 32 ohms
  • 1KHz Sensitivity 120 dB
  • Max Input Powerspan 100 mW
  • Plug 3.5 mm
  • Coil Cord 1.2 m
  • Size one size fits all

It may be January – but it doesn’t have to be grey!

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