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Happy thirtieth birthday today to Buffy Anne Summers.

To those unfamiliar with Ms. Summers, this geek icon was a longtime resident of Sunnydale, California and graduate of Sunnydale High School.  She also attended UC Sunnydale and returned to her former high school to serve as a guidance counselor under principal Robin Wood until the cities destruction in 2003.

Ms. Summers, a Slayer, was protector of Sunnydale (which was a Hellmouth portal) and worked under her Watcher, Rupert Giles until his death in 2010.  She is a longtime associate with Alexander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, Daniel Osbourne, her sister, Dawn Summers and the late Cordelia Chase, the late Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins and the late Tara Maclay.  Her former romantic attachments include Riley Finn, William and Liam.

For one hundred and forty five episodes, Ms. Summers and her companions entertained an audience that continues and grows to this day.

Happy Birthday, Buffy!

After the jump check out three of my favorite episodes and the 2008 Paley Fest Reunion!

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