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HOW DO YOU SIGN AWESOME? College Student Performs Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” For Her Final in Sign Language Class…and Her Prof Doesn’t Flunk Her.

This means “I Love You” right?

It takes a certain amount of balls to perform in front a bunch of people (trust me, the last time I had to get in front of people I had diarrhea for three days). Add to that the stress of a college final (and the class is American Sign language) and you have the makings for a full-fledged meltdown.

But college student (and bad-ass) Anna decided to just go for it and throw caution to the wind by choosing to perform “F*ck You” for her final and, well, let’s just say that you have to feel bad for the person going after her.

So here’s to you Anna, for being awesome.

Video after the break

source: Laughing Squid

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