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AN OPEN LETTER TO SUPER MODEL STEPHANIE SEYMOUR On Her Weirdly Inappropriate Pictorial Spread With Her 18-Year-Old Son

Dear Stephanie,


Sorry, I should start over. Umm…look, I get it. You love your son. Hell, with a kid that pretty, I too might try and make some moves, but lets face it, he’s half you and you should probably lay off the whole “mounting your kid while you are in a bikini” kinda thing.

I’m just saying.

And while we are at it, could you explain this?

And, okay, how about this?

Perhaps it’s nothing more than you weened your offspring off of your infant-toughened nipple a bit too early and that’s why he feels the need to cup your side boob, or maybe I’m just reading into these pictures a bit too much, but you have to admit that this just doesn’t feel right.

Especially in a down-low tickle kind of way (and trust me, this is where these photos are hitting me).

So next time, when you and the family take a little trip to the beach, maybe just cover everyone up (head-to-toe please) in clothing and sit about ten inches away from each other so that I don’t have to EVER see any kind of mother-son bonding like this again.

Thank you.

Source: Gawker

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