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Amigurumi – How Craft Became Cool

When I blogged about this before, I had absolutely NO idea what art-craft-toy wildfire it was going to become.

Suddenly, it’s everywhere.

The ladies in my office have, overnight it seems, become master craftswomen that turn out irresistibility with every new idea.

Me, I have two left hands (seriously, I can’t make a mess) and their skills leave me absolutely flabbergasted. ‘How do you do it?” I ask them.

Hell, it seems to come naturally.

The Batman was made by Nargis Masud for my son for Christmas. (Don’t tell him, though, it was in his stocking). His ears are bendy (the Batman, not my son), his hood comes off and we had a lengthy debate with the comics guys as to what colour Bruce’s eyes really were…

We think we got it right.

And it’s not only the office. Over in the store, there’s a whole section of crafting that’s hotting up and expanding like a rising cake. Baking, caking, dress-making, sewing and needlecraft. Crochet – just when did crochet become cool?

If you want the dates, check the wiki. But hey, if you just want to know what’s what…

A Zombie Ate My Cupcake

As if there wasn’t enough zombie cross genre gubbins around at the moment, this one crosses zombies and baking. It takes inspiration from insects, roadkill, zombies (obviously), and recreates it in cake. If you want something different to take to your child’s party or to the local bake sale, you could be onto a winner. Here’s how to make cakes look weird, ugly and even grotesque – but ensure they taste divine.

Ninjabread Men

They’re not exactly stealthy, and they probably won’t hang around too long – but if you want hot and delicious Shinobi warriors in your kitchen, this is the way to get them! Make sure you add weapons, though, as no warrior of the darkness is complete without his shuriken and nunchuks.

Build Your Own Paper Robots

And if you’re sick of both zombies and ninja, already – how about robots? This book comes with a CD that means you can colour, print and build an entire robot army ideal for taking over the world – or for invading your sister’s bedroom. It has everything you need to complete the fantasy, including customisable templates.

Knit Your Own Ninja

The best Ninja? The one that works for you. If you fancy trying your hand at all this crafty madness, this pack comes with everything you’ll need to start: knitting needles, wool, felt, sequins, needle and thread, and stuffing. And instructions, just to be in the safe side.

And finally, and enormous thank you to Vanessa Hawes (via Michael Woodman), for this piece of crafting genius…

This Christmas Cthulhu – not available to buy on the web, sadly, but do you REALLY want Cthulhu in your bed?

I wish I was a crafter – all of this is just too cool for words. But I content myself with my son’s Batman, and with admiring the work done by my office mates. They can keep making it and do so beautifully.

I can at least write about it!

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