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You have to hand it to the bacon lovers out there for perpetuating a trend that doesn’t seem to ever end.

Personally, I have covered bacon-flavored milk, bacon mints, a bacon-based board game (which I bought for a close “bacon freak” friend of mine) and now, Bacon Toothpaste.

Since apparently there is no limit to the bacon-flavored products out on the market, I’m just gonna roll with it and quit trying to understand it.

Therefore, let me be the first to say, Congratulations! to all those who rip the innards from an animal to flavor things that should never be married to meat.

Like the following products:

Bacon Soap

Bacon Lip Balm

Bacon Effervescent Drink Tablets

And, to use after brushing your teeth:

Of course, if you don’t have time for breakfast you could always just go ahead and eat the following:

If these appeal to your palate (and if they do, perhaps you should seriously think about some therapy) they are all available from Archie McPhee

Source: Uncrate



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