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THE JET PACK HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! Of Course, It’s Not Exactly What We Pictured, Wanted, or Needed…But It’s Still Here.

Nope, this doesn’t make you look like a douche at all…

Okay, so the vision that has always been stuck in my head concerning the jet pack is one of flames coming out of a metallic backpack and me in a monochromatic jumpsuit.

The folks over at JetLev-Flyer have a different view, one that requires water, a long hose and me in a wetsuit (What am I? Aquaman?).

Apparently, the JetLev-Flyer is an apparatus that doubles as a water ride whereby a 250hp motor sucks up water at a ridiculous rate and propels you upward into the sky about 28ft when it expels it from a series of tubes, thus giving you the feeling that you are in a 1950s Sci-fi flick…only you aren’t.

The cost of the JetLev is a whopping $99,500 and will crush your soul the moment you break it on your first ride because you didn’t read the manual all the way through because, as usual, you think you know everything.

So, my advice is, if you happen to purchase one of these, you might want to encase it in a plexi-glass box and put it on display rather than actually using it because it is worth more than the sum of your parts.

Video of the Six Flags-like ride after the break.

source: Uncrate

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