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CASPER’S SCARE SCHOOL Comes To Comics – Teachers Unions Have No Reaction!

Ape Entertainment, under its KiZoic imprint, has announced that it will be producing comics based on the 2009 Cartoon Network series Casper’s Scare School.

Brent E. Erwin, Ape’s co-founder and publisher, is quoted at Comic Book Resources as saying “What Scare School does is reinvent the character for a new generation of fans, while never losing what appealed to the original readers who first fell in love with Casper decades ago.”

While I never saw the Cartoon Network show, the concept is supposed to revolve around Casper attending a special school to learn how to be frightening. 

This whole “being-scary-because-you’re-a-ghost” issue seems to be something that Casper has struggled with all his life.  I’m sure there are deep Freudian conceits behind this problem, and one shouldn’t laugh at the mentally ill (thank YOU, Charlie Sheen), but with the recent demonetization of teachers that seems to be filling the public conversation nowadays, I’m not so sure that sending this troubled youth to a “school” to be taught by “teachers” is such a wise marketing choice.

The book will be available in October.  It is nice to see another stab at bringing kids into comics. 

Hopefully Casper’s school hi-jinx will help foster a new generation of comic book lovers.

Casper always had balls
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