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Cinderella: Fables are Forever — Cover for Issue 5 released

Vertigo Comics has released a preview of the cover of issue #5 for their series “Cinderella: Fables are Forever” written by Chris Roberson, with art by Shawn McManus and covers by Chrissie Zullo.  They say that a good cover can sell a bad book — what happens when you have a good cover on an excellent book?

You buy it.  That’s what happens.

The series follows the adventures of Cinderella as she journeys to Russia during the Cold War.  It is full of intrigue, action, and all that Fabletown fun you have come to expect!

When asked why he set this series in Russia, writer Chris Roberson said:

They’d been our allies during WWII, after all, and it was really only after the end of the war that they started cropping up as the enemy in spy stories. But growing up on those stories, I never got the sense that the Soviets were “evil,” but more that they were simply pursuing a different agenda. And so it was much easier for writers to cast Soviet agents in a sympathetic light, or even to use them as love interests for heroes from western powers.

If the cover is any indication of what’s inside, I think you should probably go out and get it.  Issue #1 is out now and #2 will be available on Wednesday of this week.

Cover for Issue #1
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