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Learn Your Adverbs – X-MEN: FIRST TO LAST

Marvel Comics has been hinting at something called X-Men: First to Last for about three months now, but have been rather vague about the details of what it entails.  While this may be some sort of new-fangled marketing campaign, it leaves X-fans a little out in the cold.  Especially when Marvel releases images like the one above.

Over at Newsarama, Christopher Yost, the writer associated with whatever this is, finally gives a few more details about what may or may not be in the works.

Apparently, X-Men: First to Last is going to be a five-part story concerning “The Evolutionaries”.  It is going to start in May in X-Men Giant-Size #1 and then run in X-Men issues 12 through 15.  Paco Medina and Dalibor Talijic are slated to do the art on this story.

In the interview with Newsarama, Christopher Yost had this to say about the concept:

“Essentially what it is, the X-Men encounter a new foe that they’ve seen before (but they don’t really know it), called the Evolutionaries.  The Evolutionaries have a very specific role in the evolution of mankind over millions of years.  They’re coming back.  So every issue you’re going to see basically two stories play out — the story of the X-Men in modern day on Utopia dealing with the return of the Evolutionaries, with all of them saying, “Who?” Except for one man, Cyclops who know who they are.

And then you’ll see the other half of the story in the X-Men: First Class days, where the X-Men are meeting them for the first time.  So you get the explanation of what happened, and why it was really bad, and the consequences of everything that went down back in the day hitting home right now.”

This sounds like it could be interesting.  It sounds like it could be a way to try to capitalize on the forthcoming X-Men: First Class movie.  It sounds like it could get really confusing.  It sounds like another X-Men story.  It sounds like a perfect opportunity to study your adverbs.

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