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Mark Waid Returns to RUSE – No Ruse – Seriously… He does.

After about a ten year lay-off, Mark Waid gets to keep writing RuseRuse was a flagship title for CrossGen, and Waid had written the first twelve issues.  When CrossGen shut down, so did Ruse.  Then along came Disney.  Disney bought CrossGen’s properties in 2004.  Then in 2009 Disney bought Marvel.  Now Marvel gets to publish CrossGen comics.  They’ve already published Sigil, and now they’ve got Ruse.

Ruse was and is a detective comic set in Victorian times.  It features the sleuthing of Simon Archard and Emma Bishop.  The current series is slated to be a four-issue miniseries.  If it is well-received, though, the possibility of a continuing series exists.

Mirco Pierfederici is the artist on the new Ruse.  Butch Guice, the artist on the original Ruse, will be doing the covers.  Mark Waid is writing.

Excepts from an interview with Waid after the jump…

Newsarama talked to Mark Waid about his work on Ruse.

When asked whether this new incarnation of Ruse should be considered a reboot?  Waid replied:

Hrrrm. By the strictest definition, I suppose… but only in the most superficial ways, enough to make it abundantly clear to new readers that they should in no way feel “out of the loop.” I promise if you’re new to the book, you’re coming in on a level playing field with returning fans, and there’s no homework involved. On the other hand, it’s fun salting in references to events familiar from the previous series so long as they don’t confuse new readers–nods to old cases and existing allies and villains. We’ve gone out of our way to cater to both audiences.

As working on Ruse is an opportunity for Waid to revisit some old characters and story ideas.  When asked if there were any other projects Waid would like to revisit, he replied:

Yeah. Gatecrasher, the Black Bull series I did with Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti. I long to do that book again and work with those two. Plus, if anyone at Disney-Marvel-Pixar is listening, I still have one great Incredibles story filed away….

Waid on Incredibles?  Sweeeeeeeet.

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