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New “Fear Itself” Teaser — “Don’t Tease Me, Bro!”

Marvel Comics has released a new teaser for its upcoming massive summer event, “Fear Itself”. 

This “seven part comic book event” promises to once again shake up the Marvel Universe. 

This Universe has been shaken up so many times lately, though, you would think that its neck would have snapped by now.  I’ve seen billboards admonishing me to never shake a baby.  Where’s the hue and cry about fictional comic book Universes?

Anyway, “Iron Breaks. Soldiers Fall. Gods Die” and fans of the Marvel Universe fork out more of their ever dwindling entertainment dollars. 

What’s the pay-off here? 

Well, with Matt Fraction writing and Stuart Immonen doing the art, this thing could be solid.  But in terms of ROI, will you be forever a better person for having read it? 

I guess it all depends upon what you’re afraid of.

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