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VOLTRON is now Dynamite!

How Awesome is this guy?
Dynamite Entertainment apparently has acquired the rights to Voltron, although they have made no official announcement as of yet.  This means that in all probability, there will be new comics and graphic novels coming out soon.  Voltron lovers of the world should celebrate this news, as there has not been a Voltron comic since Devil’s Due published a 5-issue miniseries in 2008.

A Voltron comic book will only be a piece of a much larger Voltron puzzle onslaught that seems to be headed our way.  Nictoons is debuting a Voltron cartoon series. Mattel is the master toy licensee for the series, and Viz Media has the rights to publish graphic novels based on the series.  THQ has the rights to do a video game based on Voltron.  There is also the possibility of a Voltron movie in 2013.
The time is ripe for some serious Voltron action, kids. 

“Activate interlocks!  Dyna-therms connected! Infra-cells up!  Mega-thrusters are go! Form feet and legs; form arms and body; and I’ll form the head!” 

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