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I’ve probably seen The Big Lebowski about a hundred times and every time I pop it into the DVD player, it gets better.  But the one thing that has remained a constant since my very first viewing is that I want, nay need, his comfy looking sweater.

And now, thanks to Pendleton Mills (who fashioned the original), I can.

For $188.00 I can wrap myself in Dudeness while swilling a White Russian and avoiding nihilists.

Now, if you think $188 bucks is a little over-priced for a sweater, keep in mind that the original Dude sweater sold at auction for about $10,000 so something that costs a bit under $200 is probably a sweet deal.

And if you’re still complaining, well, I guess you can go to the Army/navy store and pay $20 for a Walter Sobchak outfit.

Oh, and to get you in the mood, here’s a little bit of The Dude:

Source: Uncrate

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