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Comic News Rodeo – June 15, 2011

Hello, Friend. Welcome to the Rodeo. The Rodeo compiles comic related news from all the surprisingly sticky from the heat parts of the Internet and puts it all in a ring for you to wrestle to the ground by its horns.

It’s full-contact comic goodness.

Today’s Rodeo features super cuteness, Mr. Cthulhu, jobs, interviews, and family portraits of a most uncomfortable kind.

Read on after the jump, matey!

Too Frickin’ Cute!  Check out CG artist Victor Hugo’s 3D take on one of Young’s X-Babies — Baby Magneto

The case is made in favor of Jack Kirby’s later works…

Mr. Cthulhu.

Kieron Gillen, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson & Justin Ponsor’s Uncanny X-Men # 535; A Worryingly Heartening Degree Of Competency

Comic Book Jobs: Comic Con International

Interview: Erik Larsen on Comic Conventions

A page from Oeming’s new creator owned comic.

Now that’s a family portrait (thanks Phil Noto)

Social Media For Young Cartoonists: Weeks 5-6: Collaborating and Counting. part II: Online

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