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A TOUCHING MOMENT BETWEEN ROBIN WILLIAMS AND HIS DAUGHTER ZELDA…As They Discuss Why She Was Named After The Most Awesome of Video Games

My husband has decided that if we ever have a daughter he would like to name her Wheatley after Stephen Merchant’s character on Portal 2…or Samus…or yes, even Zelda.

And I tend to look at him with a blank stare after he says things like this to me as he knows perfectly well that if we were to ever make some babies our daughter would be named Leia, end of discussion (well that, or Valentine after Jill in Resident Evil Code: Veronica).

But it’s nice to know that if someone as spastic as Robin Williams can reach down into the geek within and bestow upon his offspring a name of great importance to him and his wife  then I don’t see why I can’t name my child after video games I played while baked.

So, after the break watch a short video of Mr. Williams and his daughter bond while playing the 3DS and talking about Ocarina of Time.

Hmmm…maybe my daughter should be named GlaDOS.

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